Adepam Week 8: Contestants elicit nostalgia with 90s fashion style

In the latest episode of Adom TV Adepam, the contestants took a delightful journey down memory lane, embracing the iconic fashion trends of the 1990s.

Week 8 of the competition was all about reviving the nostalgia of this unforgettable era in fashion.

Each of the contestants displayed their unique interpretations of 90s style, paying homage to the fashion icons and trends that defined the decade.

From baggy jeans and crop tops to plaid flannel shirts and platform sneakers, the runway was a colorful showcase of 90s-inspired outfits with a unique twist.

As the competition progresses, the Adepam contestants continue to impress with their creativity and versatility while embracing different fashion themes each week.

With each passing week, the Adepam competition keeps viewers eagerly anticipating what exciting fashion themes and stunning creations the talented contestants will bring to the runway.

Check out design made by each contestant.

Contestant Lawrencia embraced the grunge look with flare trousers, a flannel shirt tied around the waist, and a vintage muffler. She completed the ensemble with combat boots and a a side part afro hair which captured the essence of 90s fashion.

Contestant JK brought a touch of Hollywood as he clothed his model in an iconic oversized blazer with a beret. He showcased the iconic urban 90s hip-hop style with a beige colored baggy pants and a blue turtleneck top.

Contestant Maabee‘s model stepped onto the runway in a playful and girly outfit, which was inspired by Ghanaian fashion icon ‘Madam Moke’. Maabee paired a puff sleeve outfit with a fascinator and a cute umbrella to achieve that vintage look. The unusual heels and the model’s mannerisms had the audiences reminiscing their past times.

Contestant Ruky channeled the glamour of 90s supermodels with a sleek slip top and a wide legged Ankara pant. The pattern of the fabric blended perfectly with the silky cream coverup. The ensemble paid homage to the iconic red carpet looks of the era.

Contestant Sala kept it simple with a kaba and slit style stitched with a puff sleeves. Her slit was designed in two sisters pleat style which accurately gave a vivid representation of the 90s motherly style. Her bantu knot hairstyle and mini bag complemented her style the stage.

Rocked the classic 90s grunge style with a black leather jacket, ripped skinny jeans, and a vintage rock band t-shirt. Added a touch of rebellion with combat boots and dark, smudged eyeliner.

Contestant Hellen showcased the preppy 90s heartthrob style with a fitted suit jacket paired with a baggy flare trousers. The suit was styled with a shiny long-sleeved top with a flappy neckline. The outfit captured the vibrant and energetic spirit of 90s nightlife.

Contestant Papa Tailor chose to go the bridal way with a white gown seamlessly blended with ankara fabric and a elaborate puff sleeves. The gown was designed to capture attention to the waistline and hips of the model with a ruffled sidepiece to the slit.

Contestant Scissors took inspiration from the 90s pop stars with a sparkly sleeveless jumpsuit complemented with a guiders suit. The outfit was paired with platform boots and accessorized with glow-in-the-dark jewelry, capturing the vibrant and energetic spirit of 90s nightlife.

Contestant JK once again won the Best Designer of the Night, making him the only three-time winner.