Bono Region Activista campagns against synthetic agrochemicals

The Bono regional Chapter of Activista Ghana, a youth activism group is advocating against the use of synthetic agrochemicals by farmers.

According to the group, the excessive use of artificial fertilizer and other insecticides have been contributing to the massive climate change and its negative effects on the environment.  

During a tree planting sensitization exercise at Njau in the Tain district the Bono regional Coordinator of Activista, Shardrack Agyei, said it has become very critical for farmers to embrace organic farming because climate change and its adverse impacts are visibly stirring at almost every community in the country.

Bono Region Activista campagns against synthetic agrochemicalsBono regional Coordinator, Activista, Shardrack Agyei

“Activista is educating the Njau community members about the importance of tree planting and the need for organic farming because we have realised that the climatic condition of this area is very bad due to lack of trees.

We have also been to the schools here to inculcate the habit of tree planting into the school children,” Mr Agyei stated.

Bono Region Activista campagns against synthetic agrochemicals

He said Activista Bono region, is being sponsored by ActionAid Ghana and SODIA to propagate the message of organic farming and tree planting which will eventually save the environment from further destruction.

The assembly member for Njau-Tanoso electoral area, Kwame Dankwah, highlighted the effects of agrochemicals on the land, water, plants, animals and humans.

Bono Region Activista campagns against synthetic agrochemicalsAssembly member, Njau-Tanoso electoral area – Kwame Dankwah

He further advised farmers to find alternative ways such as the application of organic fertilizers and chemicals for their farming to reduce the negative effect on nature.

Bono Region Activista campagns against synthetic agrochemicals

He appealed to Activista Bono Region to get their sponsors to support the training of farmers in his electoral area on practical indigenous ways of preparing organic fertilizer and pesticides from local plants to avoid the use of agrochemicals.

Over 500 trees were planted in the Njau community to supplement the government’s tree planting project.