Disregard any invitation to join Jubilee House demo – Police warn


The police have cautioned the public not to honour any invitation to join a planned demonstration on Thursday, September 21.

The Accra Regional Command of the Ghana Police Service earlier on Wednesday disclosed that an application has been filed at the High Court to stop the three-day demonstration at the Jubilee House.

But organisers of the planned demonstration rubbished the police statement, urging the public to congregate at the 37 bus terminal on Thursday morning ahead of the march to the seat of government.

They claim no court order has been served them.

The Command has responded by indicating that the order was served the organisers through their lawyers, Atuguba & Associates, on Tuesday, September 19.

“The service of the process on the lawyers was elected and dictated by the organisers of the planned demonstration in their notification letter to the Police dated 4th September 2023.

“In the said letter, the organisers indicated that the police may contact them through their lawyers, Atuguba & Associates, as such the court process was served on them through their lawyers.”

The police, therefore, urge the public to disregard any invitation in the interest of public order and public safety to join an “unlawful” demonstration.

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