Empowering Ghana’s Future: A call to collaborate on World Children’s Day

In celebration of World Children’s Day, a collaborative effort led by Young Visionary Leaders Ghana, in conjunction with the Global Fund for Children, Move the World, Mother of All Nations, and the Ghana Education Service, is making a profound impact on the lives of Ghanaian children.

The event, held at Weija M/A Basic School, brought together organizations and advocates to emphasize the importance of investing in children’s rights for a brighter future.

The theme for this year’s World Children’s Day, “For Every Child, Every Right: Promoting Child Development Through Play,” echoes the global call to empower the next generation.

The Executive Director of Young Visionary Leaders Ghana, Joseph Tettey Afangbe, emphasized the significance of learning through play in building essential skills for children.

Executive Director of Young Visionary Leaders Ghana, Joseph Tettey Afangbe,

From physical and social to emotional, cognitive, and creative skills, play lays the foundation for a thriving future.

Director of Projects at Mother of All Nations, Isaq Abubakar Zico stressed the need for collaboration in the face of limited resources.

He commended the joint efforts of organizations, emphasizing that partnerships amplify impact and inspire confidence in children.

Director of Projects at Mother of All Nations Isaq Abubakar Zico

Zico urged all Ghanaian organizations to embrace collaboration, envisioning a future where collective strength and experience lead to sustainable initiatives that significantly impact lives.

Director of Impaction and Global Goals 2, Theresa Blilkson provided an international perspective on the significance of quality education.

Director of Impaction and Global Goals 2 Theresa Blilkson

Advocating for equal opportunities for boys and girls, she stressed the importance of investing in education to ensure the success of future generations.

Blilkson called on government and politicians to take increased responsibility and invest more in Ghana’s education system, addressing fundamental needs such as clean water, sanitation, and qualified teachers.

As the echoes of World Children’s Day celebrations resonate, the collaborative efforts of Young Visionary Leaders Ghana and its partners stand as a testament to the power of unity in shaping a brighter future for Ghana’s children.

The call for learning through play, extended celebrations, and the plea for collaboration and resource investment underscore the collective commitment to fostering an environment where every child’s rights are protected, and their potential is fully realized.

In embracing these principles, Ghana moves one step closer to ensuring that its children are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.