Engen Ghana MD propounds leadership principles for success


Mr Henry Ofori Akwaboah, former Managing Director of Engen Ghana Limited has unveiled characteristics that turn ordinary person into transformational leaders for industrial turnover and growth.

He said persons in leadership positions must create opportunities for reflections, open to pick-up some lessons across industry, and be guided throughout career development path and implementation.

Mr Akwaboah who spoke at a farewell ceremony organized by Engen Ghana to honour him as he bows out of Engen Ghana after 11 years of uninterrupted service as the Managing Director, noted that the first characteristics of transformational leader was the act of humility.

“Be humble enough to seek for feedback as well as give credit to others. Schedule your activities and prioritize them and, do today’s business today, tagged as TBT,” he said.

The former Engen Ghana MD appealed to Chief Executive Officers to have a clear compelling vision for what they want to accomplish; “as it is written in the book of Proverbs, where there is no vision, my people perish. And I have found this to be true for all of us no matter our role in any company or institution”.

He also noted that, a transformational leader brings people along on the development pathway. “No matter how smart your strategy; success or failure usually comes down to one thing-the Team. In everything you do, find teammates who can help execute your vision and empower them to succeed”.

Mr Akwaboah charged leaders at every stage to be good listeners; “when someone gives you feedback, assume positive intent. Assume they are genuinely trying to help. Think over their words, and be willing to challenge your assumptions. I promise, it will make you better associates and better people”.

“Be lifelong students. Our world is changing rapidly all around us, and if you want to continue to thrive in the years ahead, you will need to continually educate yourself. Don’t limit your work to your title. It doesn’t enhance your versatility.

“Finally, build deep relations; the deeper your relationship, the stronger your leadership – workplace included”.

He also revealed that, effective leadership came along with a level of insanity as a result of the workload, joggling in between different complex activities daily, expected and unexpected within a short time, therefore “keeping your sanity in higher position as the leader, one needs mentors, peers, family, friends and above all God.

“Leaders sometimes go through situations of loneliness, despair, frustration and uncertainty. In all of this, the leaders’ support base need to provide guidance and, a serve as shoulder to lean on”.

The farewell ceremony was attended by Engen Ghana shareholders, Managing Director – EGL, Dealers and Customers, Representatives from the Association of Oil Marketing Companies, Mocoh South African and Mocoh Ghana.