Hundred’s join in solidarity for Iran’s Mahsa Amini in Kelowna

“This should not happen anywhere and when there is a problem such as this, we have only two positions to take, either we can be a part of the solution or we will automatically be part of the problem,” said Rally Co-Organizer, Ray Taheri.

Amini was detained by morality police on Sept. 13 outside a transit station in Tehran. She was accused of breaking a modesty law that requires women to wear a headscarf, cover their arms and legs and wear loose clothing.

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Thousands attend Vancouver rally held in solidarity with Iran’s Mahsa Amini

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Iranian officials say that she died of a heart attack and was not mistreated, but other expert reports suggest she was severely beaten.

The aim of the rally in Kelowna was to be another voice for the people of Iran and continue to fight for justice for Mahsa Amini and all Iranians.

Global News spoke with several Iranian women at the rally, who asked not to use their names for their own safety reasons.

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Canada to sanction Iran’s morality police, individuals over death of Mahsa Amini

“It’s just sad and heartbreaking for everyone here and we just tried our best to do a little but for her to just show her that we are very sad for her and for our country too,” said one woman.

Some feel that what happened to Amini, hits close to home, while other feel guilty for “getting out” of Iran.

“I was born here in Kelowna but my parents were both born and raised in Iran and moved us here. My grandfather was one man that made the decision to move his entire family here. And just that feeling of guilt that ‘hey, I got out and how easily that could’ve been me,’” said one Iranian woman.

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Saturday’s rally was just one of many taking place across the country, with people standing in solidarity with the people of Iran.