Late-winter storm to bring snow to north-east US, mostly rain to New York City

NEW YORK – New York City is poised to miss the worst of a powerful late-winter storm that will bring heavy snow to areas north and west of the city overnight into Tuesday.

The city will get mainly heavy rain, with the potential for as much as 8cm of snow as the storm winds down late on Tuesday, said Mr Rob Carolan, meteorologist and owner of Hometown Forecast Services. 

It will arrive with high winds, and the snow that falls will be heavy and wet, creating a risk of flight delays and power outages across the North-east.

In Boston, the storm will start as rain on Tuesday morning and then change to heavy snow later in the day, so commuters may have a hard trip home, Mr Carolan said.

A shift in the track as the storm develops later off the East Coast could change the forecast for New York, so “we have to keep an eye on it”, said Mr Marc Chenard, a senior branch forecaster with the US Weather Prediction Centre. BLOOMBERG