Rev Sister quits celibacy, holds plush wedding [Photos]

Rev Sister quits celibacy, holds plush wedding

A Reverend Sister has lost her battle against the pleasure of the flesh as she quits celibacy to tie the knot.

In some photos that have gone viral, the yet-to-be-identified Sister is seen in her white nun costume with her cross-chain.

In another photo, she was seen at a location for pre-wedding photoshoot with her police officer fiance, rocking matching outfits.

The main event to cancel her celibacy was a plush peach-themed engagement ceremony she held, where she was neatly dressed in her outfit and gele.

She is seen in the photos holding a calabash of palm wine, ready to present it to her ‘Mr Right’.

Netizens have applauded her for taking the bold step, rather than pursuing her Christian profession with hypocrisy.