Sunyani Municipality records higher rate of New HIV infections

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The Sunyani Municipality recorded 250 new HIV infections in 2021, putting the municipality’s HIV case count at 6,035, Mr Ahmed Ibrahim Bambilla, the Bono Regional Technical Coordinator of the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) has said.

     In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sunyani, he said the municipality’s HIV prevalence rate also stood at 4.2, (2021 sub-regional HIV estimates), the highest prevalence in the region, and cautioned the people to avoid unprotected sex.

     In a regional perspective, Mr Bimbilla said Jaman South had 3.64 prevalence rate, recorded 116 new infections, putting its case count at 2,710, while Wenchi Municipality also had 3.24 HIV prevalence rate, recording 118 new infections with the municipality’s HIV case count standing at 2,695.

     The Berekum Municipality has a 3.01 HIV prevalence rate, recorded 98 new infections, and has 2,302 HIV population, while the Dormaa East District has a prevalence rate of 2.89, 58 new infections and 1,357 HIV population.

    In Dormaa West, the HIV prevalence rate stands at 2.65 with 38 new infections, and an HIV population of 866 while the Jaman North District has 1.92 HIV prevalence rate, recorded 72 new infections, and has a 1,547 HIV population.

   The Dormaa Municipality also has a prevalence of 1.87, recorded 63 new infections, putting the municipality’s case count at 1,469, while the Tain District has a prevalence of 1.75, with 62 new infections and a total HIV population of 1,375.

    In the Sunyani West Municipality, the HIV prevalence rate stands at 1.26, with 55 new infections and 1,245 HIV population, while the Banda District has a prevalence of 1.23, 10 new infections and HIV population of 234.

    The Berekum West District also has a 0.59 prevalence rate, recorded nine HIV new infections and has a 200 HIV population.

    Mr Bimbilla said the region recorded 950 HIV new infections, putting its HIV population at 22,035 with a prevalence rate of 2.61, and described the region’s prevalence as high, topping in the country.

    He therefore called for effective collaboration among all stakeholders to help stem the spread of the disease in the region, saying “we must all help promote healthy sexual lifestyles and encourage the youth who cannot control their sexual desires to practice safe sex.”

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