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Zelensky, in UN showdown, says strip Russia of veto power

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday confronted Russia directly at the UN Security Council, denouncing the Kremlin’s invasion of his country as “criminal” and urging the United Nations to strip Moscow of its veto power.

Clad in his trademark military fatigues, Mr Zelensky for the first time since the February 2022 invasion sat in the same room as a Russian official, who responded by scrolling through his smartphone with a look of conspicuous disinterest.

“Most of the world recognises the truth about this war,” Mr Zelensky said. “It is a criminal and unprovoked aggression by Russia against our nation aimed at seizing Ukraine’s territory and resources.”

Mr Zelensky called on the United Nations to vote to end Russia’s veto power on the Security Council, where Moscow joins only Britain, China, France, and the United States in being able to block any resolution.


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