Women get dry during sex when stressed, angry or upset – Actress

Fashion designer and actress, Amma Serwaa, has disclosed that so many things can cause dryness in women during sex.

According to her, women sometimes get dry during sex when stressed, angry or upset.

In an exclusive interview on e.tv Ghana, Amma Serwaa said, “When a lady has low oestrogen in her body, she can get dry during sex. Secondly, when a woman is stressed, angry or upset, she can also become very dry when having sex. Also, some medical conditions and medications ladies take like antidepressants and antibiotics can also make a her dry but naturally some ladies don’t get wet.”

She explained that stress for instance can reduce the sexual libido in women which makes it very difficult for her to get wet when having sex.

“When this happens the man has to engage her in more foreplay before sex so she can get wet. A woman getting wet all depends on the hormones in her body so if her sex drive is low, then the possibility of she getting wet is also very low,” she mentioned.

Amma Serwaa also added that some ladies also do not get wet when they’re making love with people they have no feelings for.

“These are the ladies who are with you for what they gain and such ladies usually keep lubricants in their bags to help the men penetrate easily when making love,” she asserted.

She advised men to always know the state in which their women are before making love to them.